Cable is Different

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Cable is Different

When selling cable services, it is different from selling most telco services. For one, the voice services are all digital and SIP. In many cases, voice is delivered on a separate VLAN or even physical path. (It's not a dynamically allocated converged circuit.)

Data services are delivered differently too. Coax cable modem for broadband based on the DOCSIS standard is distinct from DSL architecture. Cablecos also deliver Metro Ethernet over fiber. (Yes, true fiber).

Installation costs and time lines are different than telco, especially when a build is involved. For cable companies that I have dealt with, a business case has to be made for fiber build out. That can mean a longer term contract, some install costs to the customer, or additional services.

Of course, cable has its own terminology and processes too.

Agents looking to sell cable services will have a slight learning curve, but it will be worth it since many cablecos, like Cox and Comcast, are top 5 ISP's in the US.

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