FCC Gets to Work on Cramming (and more)

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FCC Gets to Work on Cramming (and more)


The FCC is working on the ATT-T-Mobile merger. The FCC is still monitoring Broadband and the Media. Looming over the Agency is the issue of Inter-Carrier Compensation, which Google weighed in on today by saying that the Tail is Wagging the Dog! Google is not alone in requesting that the FCC settle inter-carrier compensation for VoIP at $0.0007 per minute. (Tom Keating really details that here!)

And today the FCC wants to start cracking down on Cramming. Cramming is the practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive charges on your telephone bill. As many as 20 million consumers may have unauthorized charges -- ranging from $0.99 to $19.99 -- on their landline phone bills.

This won't help the hundreds of CLEC's and ISP's that are billed erroneously each and every month by the ILEC's, but it should help the consumers a little. (BTW, I know service providers fighting acknowledged misbillings of $800k and more. It's a class action suit that Comptel should get behind.)


BTW, one more legal item: U.S. Supreme Court ruled that AT&T and other ILECs must provide entrance facilities at cost-based rates for Interconnection. You'll want to read this ruling carefully because while ARS has a good write up, it is legal eagle wrangling stuff.

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