Service Provider Claims

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Service Provider Claims

What's funny is when one service provider tells me how inept the other service provider in his region is. "We take customers from them all the time." I hear the same exact thing from the other service provider.

Two other funny things I hear. One is how every service provider has the most talented tech person in the whole world. The other is that most of the problems with the service is really with the customer.

Here's the problem with this type of thinking: It's too cocky. It stops improvement and lends a bias to your company that you do everything right and everyone else is wrong. It makes for unhappy customers.

I understand that you pride yourselves on your technical know-how -- and for some of you your self-worth and identity are tied up in your technical ability -- but technology keeps making leaps and bounds and no one can know everything.

The alternative companies - the independent ISP, the VoIP Provider, the regional CLEC - all say that "it is all about our service". If that were true - and coupled with the fact that you know more about the tech than anyone - shouldn't you understand inherently that you are going to have educate - and re-educate - your customers about their service with you? Shouldn't you be thankful that instead of being frustrated and switching providers, they call to ask that you lend them a hand?

Most customers leave because you become a line item bill that they pay and aside from your billing arrangement, the customer has no other personal relationship with you, your company, your employees or your brand. (Social media can help with that a little.) So the customer care is the only chance to shine and show value (and build trust). Your culture shouldn't be about how dumb the customer is or what a pain-in-the-ass they are or that they ask for too much help. It should be (according to your value statement about your service and your people) about helping them use your service as best they can. (And this is where referrals and WOM (word-of-mouth) enter the picture.)

Just a perspective to keep in mind.

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