Why TelePacific is Re-Branding

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Why TelePacific is Re-Branding


In this podcast, I speak with TelePacific's SVP Ken Bisnoff on why TelePacific is re-branding. The CLEC of old is gone. Telecom is shifting to be more than voice and Internet. TelePacific has transitioned to a Managed Services Carrier with its acquisition of DSCI. TelePacific is not the same company it was even 5 years ago. It is now a Tier 1 CSP for Microsoft. There is a SOC (security operations center) in St. Louis. The lines of business have changed. Now the name will too.

One point made during the podcast to note: the providers are shifting, but Agents need to shift too.

If you cannot see the flash player, you can download the mp3 or listen on Soundcloud.

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