Six More TCA Agent Companies Adopt CTP as Core Training Platform

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Six More TCA Agent Companies Adopt CTP as Core Training Platform

The first industry trade association-sponsored certification program designed specifically for indirect sales agents is gaining momentum. Six more agent companies that are members of the Technology Channel Association (TCA) announced they have adopted the Certified Telecommunications Professional (CTP) program as a core training platform for their carrier sales group--AB&T Telecom, Avant Communications, COLOTRAQ, Microcorp, TBI and WTG.

"Ever since the formation of TCA in 2008, we have aimed to make professional standards in this industry official," said Dany Bouchedid, TCA President and COLOTRAQ's CEO. "With the growth of the CTP program in the past several months, we see that this was necessary to provide agents with the credentials to reassure vendors of their expertise."

Over 100 professionals have enrolled in the CTP program. This certification reinforces industry standards, technical concepts and business practices and is viewed within the industry as a critical step toward strengthening members' business relationships. Exam applicants must be members of TCA. The association is waiving membership dues for agents who are interested in joining the group right now. In addition, TCA has created a set of prerequisites that CTP candidates must meet based on a combination of industry experience and advanced education.

"Our agents are incredibly knowledgeable and this proves we can provide another level of service and expertise. I believe we will be stronger as a company thanks to this certification," said Ian Kieninger, CEO of Avant Communications.

"Being CTP certified certainly helps set us apart. I feel the program helps verify that our agents have a solid understanding of industry fundamentals and how they apply to end users and vendors," said Emmet Tydings, President of AB&T.

For information on the CTP program or to join TCA, call (609) 799-4900 or email [email protected].

Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO INC (the writer for this blog) is a founding Board member of TCA and current VP. Radizeski is also a CTP.

This press release was written by Kaitlin Friedmann of CMA Solutions, the management company of the TCA, the only non-profit trade association for the Indirect Channel.

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