Tidbits This Week 7-12-11

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Tidbits This Week 7-12-11

Masery was bought by ABRY Partners. No word on AboveNet yet.

A group of tech companies - including RIM, Google, Microsoft, EMC, Sony, Ericcson - bought the Nortel patents for $4.5B.

Top ISP's - AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, TWC and others - have joined together to fight piracy by monitoring your online activities. This comes after the announcement that metered bandwidth is coming to both terrestrial and wireless broadband. Can you say DPI? Did you hear that? It was the death cry of any thought you might have of privacy online.

eBay bought mobile payments firm Zong for $240M.

Citrix bought Cloud.com for an estimated $200M.

The Assistant US Attorney General at the DOJ in charge of anti-trust has decided to leave - in the middle of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger review! Looks to me like either someone has been threatened or offered a golden parachute.

Skype works with Facebook, Tom Keating tries it out.

Beth Israel Hospital is suing Verizon for $9M in billing errors.

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