3 Reasons VAR's Should be in Austin

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3 Reasons VAR's Should be in Austin

Maybe you didn't go to ASCII Summit or Everything Channel, then Austin is the place for you as a VAR. There are at least three reasons VAR's should be in Austin:

1) MSP World where value-added resellers can hear about how to transition into a managed service provider.

2) Telecom Reseller Week which will teach VAR's how to effectively sell communications equipment and services, with proven tips and best practices for addressing the challenges faced in today's economy.

3) CVX Expo - Channel Vision magazine puts on a showcase to learn about opportunities and challenges facing the indirect channel - VAR, inter-connect and agent.

The opportunities abound for the Channel - Energy, Cloud, Managed Services, UC - but what does it mean to your business; how do you pick a provider; and just as important how can you improve your marketing about new lines of business. Find out in Austin. If you are going to be in Austin, drop me a note and let's have a chat.

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