Will You Be in Anaheim Next Week?

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Will You Be in Anaheim Next Week?

Sunday I make a stop in Atlanta for a few hours for Microcorp's One on One annual event.Then I jet to LAX for ITEXO and CVX Expo in Anaheim.

Are you in Channel Management? My session, Rev Up Your Channel Partner Program with R.P.M., is Tuesday at 5:30. Stop by. Registration is free!

Monday night is an informal dinner gathering. If interested, register here.

I am moderating a fun panel titled, "Open Source in the Service Provider Network" on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 4pm with Dialogic and Netsapiens.

Tuesday is "Open Source vs. Commercial Softswitches" at Noon. What are the hidden costs of the various alternatives? Is one better than others? Which ones are carrier grade? How should carriers choose?

Wed at 1:30 is "Increasing Profits as a VoIP Provider" with PowerNet and VoxValley.

Keynotes, cybersecurity, Skype for Business, analytics, cloud software, FBI & DEA, SDN -- this one has it all folks!

If you are in the area next week, let's meet up for coffee.


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