What Did I Miss?

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What Did I Miss?

Besides Steve Jobs resigning from Apple (and tanking their stock), what news did I miss? Sprint is getting the iPhone in October. Won't be a big deal, I don't think.

The TCA added TelePacific, TELX, The Conference Group, NTT Americas, and PGi as vendors in the last month. We have verbal commitmemts from Comcast, EarthLink, Peak10 and QTS. Thank you to all of our vendor members for supporting not just TCA but the Channel as well. Who's next?

Vocalocity and Aptela merged. Not much buzz around it because not many people know much about either company.

I heard from both Metaswitch and EarthLink that despite buying STS and its Sylantro softswitch, EarthLink is going Meta (since Deltacom and ONE already had them in place.)

Star2Star released its StarBox 5500 IP-PBX which connects up to 500 extensions and 100 simultaneous calls.

Motorola is sell its Orthogon and Canopy business units to the private equity firm, Vector Capital. The new company will be called Cambium. (Thanks Troy!)

As AT&T wireline ARPU starts to skid, it introduces new charges. Now there is a minimum charge for LD.

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