The Sprint Rumor Mill

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The Sprint Rumor Mill

sprint-4sale.jpgWe all know that Sprint is finally getting the iPhone - the 4S, not the 5. Is that really so terrible? apparently, Sprint had to guarantee $20B worth of iPhones - about 30 million phones over 4 years. Depending on who you believe - WSJ, BGR, or the Apple Insider - Sprint will be getting the iPhone 5 exclusively. Either way, this isn't a bright move for Sprint - guaranteeing $20B in one handset line is crazy for a company with declining subscription numbers, who is facing mounting competition (looks like AT&T will buy T-Mobile just with a bunch of concessions) and can't figure out how to turn it around.

Thus why we have the Sprint rumor will where, depending on the day, either Google is buying them or now Apple is buying them ($20B means they practically own them anyway) or XO is merging with them. XO just signed up to be an MVNO customer of Sprint, so of course the rumor got started.

In related news, XO has stopped selling VoIP termination services, citing that there is just too much fraud in that space.

I forgot one rumor: that DISH would buy Sprint - from Bloomberg.

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