A Couple of M&A Items

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A Couple of M&A Items

It seems that Apple put in a bid for Dropbox for $800M (for $100M in revenue). But Dropbox decided to get another round of funds and think IPO instead. [BusinessInsider]

Cablevision will resell Sprint wireless service through its Optimum Business unit. Quad play for SMB.

WAN optimization is buzzing. That will be the next "big thing" companies will be begging the Channel to sell.

Ntelos spun off its wireline business, including the Fibertech asset it bought, into a new company called Lumos Networks. This is the same thing that Alltel and Sprint did. For sale?

Broadsoft decided to shore up its BroadCloud service by buying iLinc in an all-cash deal. (No figures found yet.) This deal means that the web conferencing and collaboration piece of BroadCloud will be an in-house offering instead of a third-party resale or add-on. This is an attempt by Broadsoft to get beyond just trunking and seat licensing. Add-on sales is where the gravy is. Otherwise Broadsoft customers would be incorporating other options like Microsoft, Citrix or Cisco (Linc, GoToMeeting, Webex).

And one last plug for the CMO SUmmit next Tuesday at ITEXPO with this link: CMO's To Increase Spending On Social Media But Integration Still Lacking

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