Access Reform. Now, Please.

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Access Reform. Now, Please.

So the FCC could be court ordered to finally resolve the Special Access Reform issue that has been unresolved since 2002! Special access are the circuits that CLEC's purchase straight from the tariff - basically at retail pricing. With so many circuits no longer in the tariff (see AT&T on Metro ethernet and many other services), CLEC and other service providers have to pay more for access than if they bought a bundled service. For example, 10 MB of Metro ethernet transport is now $1270 on a 3 year contract when it was $684 before August 1, 2011; yet a 10MB EaMIS (Internet access via metro ethernet) is under $1000 on a 3 year term. Granted IP costs less than what you stuff in a stripper's g-string per MB these days, but come on! Transport costs less than transit? Funny money.

"COMPTEL, member company tw telecom and the Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users Committee, BT Americas, Computer & Communications Industry Association, Media Access Project, New America Foundation, Public Knowledge and Rural Cellular Association filed the mandamus petition on July 15, asking the court to force the commission "to conclude a long overdue rulemaking on special access pricing reform." The petitioners will be given another 14 days to file a reply to the commission, the court's order said", from COMPTEL's newletter today.

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