Generating Leads Versus Branding

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Generating Leads Versus Branding


In the telecom space, since the dawn of integrated T1's, carriers have neglected value and branding. All companies want sales and the sales team want leads, so the marketing department has to generate leads. With a limited budget, all the money gets spent on making sales. Rich Tehrani writes, "To succeed, they generally need to be consistent, reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of buyers." Trust is important in sales.

"Forrester survey reveals that B2B marketing budgets are on the rise after years of cuts. The average 6.7% increase is led by 17% increases from tech-service companies...... Lead generation was the second-leading area of investment - a focus for 15.7% of respondents... Branding was the third top investment area." [source]

"At its most basic level, lead generation provides an advertiser with a ready-made pipeline of prospective customers that should be primed to interact with their brand...... For a branded lead generation campaign there often has to be a fairly obvious "quid pro quo" to entice the consumer to submit their details, such as free sim cards, prize draws, giveaways etc. and this will of course affect the performance of a campaign," according to the e-consultancy.

A Leadformix article continues that thread with this: "If you want to do away with this disparity in expectations and results - You should define the end objective of your marketing plan, at the start of your marketing activities. ... It is important because, if your objective is Lead Generation, you must realize that a small piece of information about your solution in a very industry specific publication is going to get you more relevant leads than a mention in one of the top publications with a more generic readership profile.... The reason is simple - the source of information people trust varies to match their different needs."

It comes back to your marketing strategy, the story you are telling to your marketplace (Value), repetition and consistency to build awareness and Trust, which ultimately makes sales. On that note, listen to the podcast with TMC's Rich Tehrani that we recorded this morning about this topic.

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