Just Like Fishing

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Just Like Fishing

I was reminded this morning while speaking to the STC that Marketing is just like fishing or hunting. You need to know what you will be trying to catch; what bait you will need; and where to hunt or fish.

Just like fishing, there are going to be some people just sitting in the boat catching nothing but a buzz and a sunburn because they are using the wrong bait (message) or there are no fish in that area.

Online marketing and social media really take that into account. Your message on Facebook (mainly a B2C play) will not work the same as it will on LinkedIn (mainly B2B) and it will be received on twitter or Google+ differently as well.

Marketing - online, offline, social - boils down to where are your prospects hanging out? What message will they respond to? How many times and how many ways can you touch that prospect with the appropriate message?

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