MVNO and Name Changes

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MVNO and Name Changes

Here at COMPTEL there have been some announcements. The big one is that Sprint has signed up two new MVNO's - XO and Easton Telecom. Easton Telecom is a reseller CLEC that has contracts with 100+ carriers (according to its PR). The interesting move comes from XO whose interim CEO inked an MVNO deal with Sprint. The email I received this morning had the headline: Will We Get the iPhone? Quick answer: not any time soon. MVNO means hadnset fulfillment from a third party like Telispire.

At the same time, Sprint is re-announcing its integration with Broadsoft, which it has been touting since last February. From experience, maybe they just now released some marketing collateral on it.

In the name chjange game, Covad has been re-named Megapath Wholesale.


Intellifiber is re-launching as Intellifiber, a PAETEC fiber services company. Intellifiber was a CavTel asset when Paetec bought them.

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