Do You Need an Audit?

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Do You Need an Audit?

The FCC wouldn't have spent so much time this year on FCC had to workshop the issue after three dockets - 09-158, 11-116, 98-170 (from 1998!!).

Members of the Society for Telecommunications Consultants perform audits, assessments and even TEM (telecom expense management). Agents (and VAR's) should be offering audits and assessments as a way to break into a prospect. Even TEM can be used as an introduction to government agencies and enterprise accounts. This is one reason that master agents like Microcorp and TBI have introduced TEM solutions like INSITE and PartnerIQ, respectively. As companies have to do more and more with less and less (this includes telecom agencies) having tools like TEM can be a benefit to a client company.

Why would a company want to have their contracts and bills audited or assessed? I asked Courtney Cross of C3 Telecom, who said, "A system wide telecommunications analysis that uncovers infrastructure inefficiencies and corrects them reveals up to 10x more savings than a billing audit alone." C3 Telecom recommends "that a C3 MAP full scale telecom infrastructure analysis be completed at least once a year, or prior to an upgrade in technology to ensure maximum efficiency."

C3 Telecom Assessment Overview

Yvonne Fry of Lines of Communication says, "The assessment and optimization process is a critical first step of engagement to ensure maximized savings and efficiencies and lay a strong foundation for on-going support. It offers great revenue potential as well as building the depth of the relationship."

If you are challenged to get into bigger accounts (over $3000 per month in telecom spend), offering an audit, assessment or TEM may be the way.

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