What Will You Be Selling in 2012?

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What Will You Be Selling in 2012?

Most channel executives will tell you that the 2 biggest products for 2012 will be MPLS and SIP.  It makes sense since the PSTN is being phased out as the telecom infrastructure turns to an all-IP network. It also makes sense that not all traffic can travel (safely, securely or timely) on the Internet, so MPLS becomes the WAN solution for control and privacy.

Ethernet will be the product of choice. No more T1. Everyone is going to want an Ethernet hand-off at 10MB, 100MB or a GigE. Even Telarus has added Ethernet to its GeoQuote tool. XO, TelePacific, MegaPath, Paetec and Mammoth Networks have all announced EoC (Ethernet over copper wires) availability. [Now if all 5 carriers had a shared database for EoC availability THAT would be worthwhile.]

Of course, we will hear all about Cloud services from every carrier, including Cbeyond and Integra Telecom. We will hear cloud a million times in 2012.  Maybe the conversation will turn to Cloud Differentiation. IN other words, what kind of Cloud are you selling? Is it redundant, resilient, duplicated, backed up, SAS 70, PCI Compliant and secure? How so?

But Cloud means that we will be hearing about Managed Services, especially Managed Security.  EarthLink has been talking up its Managed Security offering for its MPLS customers. Integra Telecom launched its Cloud Firewall Service at ITEXPO. Netwolves has been selling this kind of stuff for years. Even TelePacific is jumping in this space (of managed security) due to its recent acquisition of Telekenex.

The question really becomes: What will the Channel sell?

Agents will continue selling POTS, T1, PRI, broadband - but what will be the breakout product for them?

Will it be cellular? If so, it will likely be 3G/4G backup for broadband.

Will it be Ethernet? Probably, because it can be sold as a replacement service for T1. (But agents will need to learn how to sell DIA over broadband, which many will likely not even try.)

And selling SIP trunking as a PRI replacement is currently happening. however, Agents need to remember that they need to check for interoperability between the SIP provider and the PBX (or customer equipment).

The Cloud folks wish that Agents would sell their stuff, but I don't see that under the Christmas tree this year for them. Maybe 2013.

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