Lots of News (I Can't Cover in Detail)

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Lots of News (I Can't Cover in Detail)

Dag Peak explains the difference between BroadTouch and BroadCloud by BSFT.

That Carrier IQ key logging software has Sprint and AT&T caught in lawsuits. This privacy issue reminds me of the cigarette suits -- keep suing and when you win one, you crack the whole thing open and huge sweeping change must follow. So lawyers start your engines and get out those lawsuits! (Like I have to tell you to.)

Obama names new FCC nominees for Senate approval. Copps is term limited and Meredith Baker left for a lucrative job at Comcast! (No conflict of interest there, just part of the revolving door in DC.)

CenturyLink adds broadband caps to compete better with Cox, who does too.

I'm still working on my blog post about this: FCC Releases Connect America Fund Order, Reforms USF/ICC for Broadband

It's a week where SAP feels like Ron Paul, because its cloud acquisition got about 90 seconds of space. AT&T has to feel like Herman Cain, after the FCC released its report about why the cellular merger was a no-go. Is VZW like Romney for quietly scooping up the cableco spectrum AND getting them to sell VZW services?! T-Mobile is quietly in the corner like Bachmann trying to figure out the next move.

UPDATE: new Sprint MVNO coming from Tucows called Ting.

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