VoIP Branding at its Best

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VoIP Branding at its Best

I was reading an article that began "specializing in telephone and network VoIP solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and small and large businesses around the world." How exactly is that SPECIALIZING? That's Everyone.

Just so you understand: Avaya and Cisco are multi-billion dollar companies that still can not be all things to every business. It's is just not possible.

There was this little book by Chris Anderson called The Long Tail. The sub-title is that the future of business is to sell more of less. In other words, master niches. Fortune 1000, Government, Education, small biz - are all different niches. Each one has different buying signal, sales process, sales trigger, pain points, price points, and more. 

In VoIP, where there are thousands of competitors, build your brand in a niche - become best of breed in a vertical. (Read Seth Godin's The Dip.)

In other VoIP news, Vocalocity has acquired the customers of DigiTalk, located in Rutherfordton, NC. You could read the press release, but that single sentence is all of it.


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