What is it with Agents and the Web?

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What is it with Agents and the Web?

When I skim through telecom websites, it is pretty obvious that most telecom companies - agents, masters, VAR's, carriers, ITSP's, ISP's - don't really give the web any love.

The websites are rudimentary - many without an update in the last two years. A majority are filled with marketing buzz speak that does not clearly (and concisely) tell the audience what they do or sell. Why? You have 8 seconds to load a page and tell your story before people bounce. Page views are a nice statistic to chart, but at the end of the day, it is all about leads.

Another thing: what's with Agents not having a Linkedin profile at all or a partial profile? LinkedIn gets indexed by Google nicely. Having a complete profile (with picture) gives you access to possible prospects and partners.

We live in an age where everyone Googles you. If they do, what will they find? If your prospects find incomplete or useless information, you lose credibility. No sale without credibility.

It strikes me as funny that people selling INTERNET, don't appreciate Internet marketing.

UPDATE: According to this article,  Company websites  top source of new leads. If that is the case: that your website is a top source of leads – have you designed your website to optimize for leads?

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