Comcast Versus Netflix

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Comcast Versus Netflix

IN a Fast Company article, titled "Why Comcast Will Crush Netflix". Comcast will be launching a Netflix killer soon. Why? "The battle to own the "digital home" has been waging for years." The Duopoly does not want to be relegated to being just dumb pipes. The money is in Layer 7. The Duopoly is tired of a static ARPU, while Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and others make money over-the-top.

The Duopoly has spent big money on TV distribution - AT&T on U-Verse, VZ on FiOS - and do not want to lose revenue due to cord cutting.

Content providers are already offering shows on their own websites plus online TV sites like Hulu, Amazon, Apple iTunes, Netflix or Epix. This competes with cable TV and DVR.

Hollywood doesn't know what to do. It sided with Blockbuster over Redbox and Netflix on access to titles. "Netflix will lose its rights to carry Starz video content." It's all about the content. Period.

"Cable companies have historically played the tortoise to high-tech innovator hares. They adopt a predictable pattern--they let someone introduce a new service, watch the market grow, and much later step in and take away the opportunity. This is how cable companies beat out TiVo (which introduced the world to the DVR) and Vonage (which convinced Americans to embrace VoIP)."

This is an important lesson for service providers.

It's a good read.

BTW, cablecos are really pushing into Business TV, even allowing the Channel to sell it. That's one way to increase TV revenue. I would guess that DBS (DirecTV and DISH) are losing accounts here. MSO's are even chasing hotel/motel TV business.

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