Sprint is Losing

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Sprint is Losing

I have had Sprint for a long time. Mainly, I have them because I don't like to give my money to the RBOC cellcos. I may just have to switch.

Sprint's network makes me think that THEY are an MVNO. The thing is constantly roaming. I am in NYC and the Samsung EVO Touch is constantly beeping at me that I am roaming. In NYC. In Tampa. In Miami. I am not talking rural America.

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Sprint can not win customers with this type of service.

I had to give up my Blackberry Curve because it was just too slow and old. Sprint doesn't carry any Blackberry phones that have a good rating. I ended up getting a good deal from Sprint Retention for the Samsung Evo Touch. It's a tablet, not a phone. The keyboard is a pain to use and slows down my texting and email - which are the main uses I have for a smartphone. I can't really blame Sprint for the fact that Samsung making a tablet that they call a phone. I can blame Sprint for an almost useless network and a horrible selection of phones though. The two factors that determine its long term viability.

When Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett said that he was afraid Sprint would BK, I thought he was wrong. After a month of no bars in almost any building and the beeping of roaming, I have to agree.

CEO Dan Hesse had to return a $3M bonus. I say give him the money back as severance and look for a new CEO. Heck, look for a new C-Suite. That company has had a lot of time to fix its ills but it keeps getting distracted by stuff like Lightsquared.

Sprint had the perfect partners in the cable cartel with Pivot and other JV's. It blew that. Now VZW is courting them.

Clearwire is a cluster. Just buy it and build your 4G network already!

Wireline - you have the famous pin drop network that you fail to utilize. What's up with that?

Sprint was the MVNO for Qwest and lost that to a sales agent deal to VZW. How is that possible?

Sprint has the FMC Integration with MITEL and Broadsoft, but it takes almost a year to get to contract. And likely those partners will be as disappointed as Qwest and Cablecos.

These are real problems that management at Sprint are ill equipped to deal with apparently.

How come they were last to get the iPhone and have no exclusive handset deals for a cool phone?

Why did they make a $20B commitment to Apple for the iPhone? At $500 per phone, that's more than 1.5 million phones per quarter. Two million phones per quarter is $1B. That means it will take more than 20 quarters - 5 years - for this deal to pay off. It won't work. Just another bad deal for Sprint and Hesse.

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