My Favorite CRM Gets J2'ed

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My Favorite CRM Gets J2'ed

There is a CRM system that comes with dial-in help (as the Optional VIP Sales Assistant Support of the Gold package). That's right! Salespeople can call in to an assistant that will type in the info and ask for whatever info they need from the CRM system. It's called Landslide and it was just acquired by J2 Global which owns eFax.

CRM only works if the salesperson uses it and works it. Landslide has a lot of nifty features including social CRM which means that it can integrate data from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook directly into their Contact profile. It integrates with QuickBooks, GoToMeeting and an email marketing module.

J2 Global has been adding to its portfolio for a couple of years by buying up Internet fax competitors. J2 now offers more than just efax. It sells virtual phone (like Google Voice), hosted email, email marketing (like Constant Contact), online data backup and kind of a unified communications system that is like Grasshopper Group or Now CRM. They have put together a nice catalog of cloud services for the SMB space. No idea how integrated they are though - or if they are just stand-alone apps.

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