Typical Press Release

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Typical Press Release

Regularly I get added to press lists. I dislike that immensely, btw. I don't want my inbox to be full of press releases. Why? 3 Big Reasons:

1) Most press releases are not news to me. Personnel changes? Your CXO is speaking somewhere? Who cares? Unless you hire an ex-President or a convicted sex offender. Although T-Mobile hiring GC's Legere was a smart move.

2) Many press releases are chock full of marketing nonsense and say nothing useful about the company. Take this one. I don't even know what the software does!

3) Releasing a mobile app or relabeling your stuff with "as-a-service" is news - it is old news, because you are just doing me-too stuff, which is unimaginative and boring.

I get that the PR firm has to blanket the world with releases to get noise going and hopefully move the Google juice meter, but TMC (and other sites) have submission engines for that stuff.

Let me give you some samples:

nGenx Unveils Its Next Generation Desktop as a Service Offering

Snom releases new phone models and an IP-PBX

There is a new cloud service provider offering hosted virtual desktops, hosted virtual servers and cloud storage.

I am waiting for the 42,000 Office 365 resellers to put out their press releases.

MegaPath serves up a set of new cloud hosted services.

While I understand the press release machine, I don't understand why a company would want to opt-in bloggers to the media list. I should be asked to opt-in. There is a lot of noise in telecom, most of it around nothing special. This PR machine is making it harder to find anything special.

I get that much of the PR is for Wall Street because if the company isn't saying the right things, then getting money gets harder and more expensive. But doesn't the C-Suite realize that being one of 42,000 is going to mean no margin business?

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