The Future of the Desk Phone

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The Future of the Desk Phone

Have you read that the desk phone is disappearing? It seems to be a recurring theme for Jon Arnold (here and here).

When I spoke with snom at ITEXPO, I asked them about the disappearing desk phone. snom's response was that they were taking market share from Cisco and Polycom, so they were doing okay growth wise. snom also noted that position phones - like a phone in an elevator or a warehouse - would always remain.

I tend to agree that not all desk phones are going away. I can't hear very well on cell phones. I want a better call, so I use a desk phone for most calls.

When I mention to Rich Tehrani that there was an ipad docking station to use your ipad for a desk phone, the response was: who would leave it unattended on their desk? It would disappear. True.

I think sweeping statements like the desk phone is dying is like saying that HD Voice is here: sure, in some cases. Heck, there are still people on dial-up and hugging their POTS line!

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