AT&T's Big Investment

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AT&T's Big Investment

AT&T announced that it would spend $14 Billion dollars on wireless and wireline networks over the next three years. What a bunch of hoopla over not much. AT&T already spends between $7B and $9B annually on its wireless network. The rest will be used to hit 1 million businesses with fiber. This will happen because both RBOCs want to shut down their copper network. They don't want to run two networks -- and they don't want to sell plant to competitors at wholesale. Those competitors are CLEC's, a bunch of whom rolled out EoC (Ethernet-over-Copper) in many central offices. MegaPath, Integra, XO and TelePacific are betting on the copper plant to provide as much as 100 MB to a business over copper. ADTRAN is the supplier, who is also hoping that the copper plant stays. Can you imagine the unemployment if the copper is clipped?

There is talk about AT&T using this big announcement to force state utility commissions to allow for the clipping of copper. If you want LTE and fiber in your community, then AT&T gets what it wants. Never has there been a better time for CLEC's to SELL DEEP and invest in their own fiber.

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