ITEXPO East 2013

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ITEXPO East 2013

With just a couple of weeks until we hit Miami Beach for ITEXPO East 2013, here's what I will be doing there.

First off, the Editors Day is Tuesday, Jan. 29th from Noon till 8 PM. Get your appointment now!

Wed. at 11, I will be moderating the discussion about Recurring Revenue: The Secret to Success. We will be discussing best practices for delivering recurring revenue services.

I am not much on predictions but CSPs in the Next Decade will focus on what service providers will look like in 2020. (Noon on Wed.)

You don't want to miss the Friday 11 AM panel, "What Your Marketing Team Needs to Know About Social Media". If you feel like you are treading water in the social media pool, we will throw you a life preserver during this session.

The Exhibit Hall opens at 5 PM on Wed. with cocktails at 5:30!

Channel Vision Expo is on the show floor. CVX Panel: Cloud Money Makers: Real Stories of Transition and Triumph (Thursday @ 12:30) to hear from channel partners who are actually selling cloud services.

Thursday night at 5 PM Startup Camp Comms # 7 with keynote from John Sculley, the guy who fired Steve Jobs at Apple!

The Party is Thursday night at 9:30 on the beach at the Lowes.

If you are going to ITEXPO, let's meetup. Drop me a note on twitter @radinfo or through LinkedIn or leave a comment on this blog!

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