CallWave Patent Suits and a Rumored Acquisition

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CallWave Patent Suits and a Rumored Acquisition

At ITEXPO East in Miami Beach, where the parties are never ending it seems. No one thing says this but having spoken with quite a few people and adding it up myself, it looks like Leonid may get bought by Broadsoft. The two already work closely but a few crumbs on the path - like executive changes, Leslie Ferry at ITEXPO, and a few other crumbs - lead me to call this. A friend says that it wouldn't be a surprise.

It's kind of ironic that CallWave lost a patent dispute to J2 in 2007 and is now suing everyone - AT&T and Google, Verizon and Google, T-Mobile and Google, and Sprint and Google.

CallWave is also suing Telovations, which is in the process of being acquired by MSO, Bright House Networks.

CallWave Communications, LLC is an intellectual property company, according to its CEO's LinkedIn profile. It's this kind of litigation that waste taxpayers time and money. I could see if you were actually using the patent, but if you just sit on it... come on. We need patent reform in this country.

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