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Tidbits of News

Integra is just under $600M in annual revenue.

Meanwhile the financial media is talking about Sprint's turn-around. Huh? Nothing has been approved yet - not Softbank's investment or the Clearwire deal. Hard to believe that Sprint does about $35B in annual revenue.

Randall on Charlie: AT&T CEO talks about DISH. Great lesson: " find opportunity in crisis".

"There's been a lot of speculation that AT&T wants to buy Dish Network to acquire its broadband spectrum." After the T-Mobile rejection, AT&T will move slowly with any big merger like DISH.

Gartner 2013 Software as a Service Predictions: "Service-level agreements (SLAs) will continue to lag behind customer needs." Like that will matter. When you are down, you are down. A few sheckles after the fact doesn't replace lost revenue or reputation. Maybe SLA Insurance from AIG?

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