Complexities of Change

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Complexities of Change

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Think about how many departments an order has to touch:

From the customer to the agent to the Channel Manager to the Ordering desk to Provisioning to Engineering to Deployment to the install tech to the router config to the LNP and 911.

In many companies - even small ones of 90 employees - these departments are silos. Each silo has a manager, a budget they are fighting over, talent that they are developing, performance metrics, etc.

Working together is required but the biases, personalities, conflicts actually get in the way. Every day.

It is why change is so hard. (Very few people have the responsibility of more than one department, so to effect change it has to happen higher up the ladder - away from where they can actually see the cogs working.)

Even with a culture of winning or wanting the best, there will be hurdles to prevent some changes from happening.

The complexities of a telecom company are amazing even in a flat, small one.

Remember that people are resistant to change from the get-go. Many people are buried in their jobs and roles, just trying to get stuff done and get through the day.

Prioritization of urgent versus important is one way to handle this. Gamification is going mainstream, where everything is gamified to modify behavior.

With all the noise - email, texts, meetings, IM, phone calls, etc. - how do you make change happen across departments? Is it similar to how you market to the channel?

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