Some Interesting Reads

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Some Interesting Reads

Zayo CEO Dan Caruso wrote a good blog titled "Is Bandwidth Production Lucrative?". In the wake of Jim Crowe stepping down at Level3, Caruso's analysis of the fiber players in an interesting read.

Personally, I think these CEOs - Crowe, Hesse, and others - have to take more responsibility for revenue, integration, value and culture. The role of CEO is more than just setting some ambiguous vision that your reports then have to crystallize and execute on.

Best quote from Mobile World Congress:

"Openness is not something to be afraid of. There are lots of business models available. But openness is also about being open to innovate." - Jolla CEO Marc Dillion (launched Sailfish at MWC)

FCC and FTC gave the green light for T-Mobile to merge with MetroPCS. To VZW and ATT, this is a yawner. To the consumer, it will just eliminate one of the all-you-can-eat players.

This news comes as Gary Kim writes about the spectrum crunch that never came. Please note that all of the Top 5 cellcos still have a bunch of spectrum that they have not deployed yet. It bears repeating: there is plenty of spectrum that they have not deployed yet! (Despite what Hesse spouts to the press. He likes being in the spotlight, which is fine, if someone else was running Sprint.)

Susan Crawford wrote an article about the lack of wireless competition. Every flavor of broadband - terrestrial or wireless - has clear winners and losers, but mostly losers, who we call customers.

I have beat this drum before but all the value in the US economy is in knowledge and innovation -- it is the Internet Economy. Stifling that due to profits for a few companies is not going to make the US competitive in a global race.

Nice blog about small business, Obamacare and the opportunity for channel partners.

In SAAS, the secret sauce is data integration - which fails almost 20% of the time!

One last one: at CPExpo, a channel AVP at ATT was given my book and read it and took the time to come over to say that he enjoyed it. Kind of a highlight at the show.

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