Big Changes at Broadvox

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Big Changes at Broadvox

Just over a year ago, big changes happened at Broadvox. Bruce Chatterley, who was CEO of Speakeasy until MegaPath absorbed Speakeasy and Covad, became President and CEO at Broadvox. As is often the case in telecom, top executives bring in their whole team. Chatterley hired Chris Gellos, who was head of sales at Speakeasy, to be EVP of Sales at Broadvox. Many more former employees of Speakeasy were hired. Broadvox CMO David Byrd left for APNI, where he proceeded to hire Chad Krantz - and other Broadvox employees followed.

Time and again, I have remarked that this kind of thing won't work. Unless the team had knocked it out of the park before, why would it work again? And let's face it: There aren't that many companies knocking it out of the park. Lots of BB, K, and singles. A few people told me that it's more about surrounding yourself with people you can trust.

Both Gellos and Chatterly are moving on from Broadvox, according to an internal memo delivered late Friday. Andre Temnorod will be assuming the roles of CEO and president; Pete Sandrev will be taking over Sales.


Despite claims by analysts and IP phone vendors that HPBX would rock this year, VoIP is selling, just not a lot of Hosted PBX -- or not much more than normal. SIP trunking and other dial-tone replacement are making the most gains for to a number of reasons.

One reason: IP-PBX (premise gear) hasn't experienced declining sales like so many predicted.

Another reason: selling SIP Trunks and replacement dial-tone is the fastest form of sale (order taking).

There is -- and will continue to be - many personnel changes in the telecom/VoIP space in 2013. Wait at see! It will be a wild ride.

This is a tough business - Hosted PBX. It should be about business process improvement, outcomes, productivity -- but most people don't want change. How do you sell productivity when people can't figure out (or refuse to figure out) the new phone system? How do you sell BPI when a majority of people abhor change? Uphill climb.

Still, if you are in the HPBX/UC space, then the key is to put the best team together you can. Find A players. Let them do what you pay them for. What should the C-Suite do? Help the A players perform as best they can. Upper management's job is foremost to remove obstacles. Obstacles get in the way of sales. And it all comes down to sales, right?


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