I Was All Set with SoftSprint

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I Was All Set with SoftSprint

I was already calling it SoftSprint or SprintSoft when Softbank announced a deal to buy 70% of Sprint for $20.1 Billion. Now Charlie Ergen has decided to make an offer for the whole company at $25.5 Billion. DISH is sitting on $10 billion in cash - and some 4G spectrum. DISH made a case to purchase Clearwire, but Sprint rebuffed that offer - by buying Clearwire. DISH says that the Clearwire offer is still on the table, separate from this one.

DISH merging with Sprint would be interesting. I mean, who wouldn't want Blockbuster stores to also sell satellite gear AND cell phones? It would look like a mini-Best Buy.

As TechCrunch explains, "That pre-existing deal came with a lot of visible support from both Softbank's and Sprint's top management, and came also with financial help worked in for the continued build-out of Sprint's network."

Would DISH be able to help Sprint build out a network? Now it would be 3 sets of spectrum - DISH, Clearwire, Sprint. It would be wholesale and retail. It would be Satellite TV and cellphones and videos. Did Charlie ever (successfully) do anything with Blockbuster? DISH announced that it sold the British arm of Blockbuster video last month.

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