5.5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Vendor

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5.5 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Vendor

An agent asked me for some advice on what Hosted PBX provider they should look at. I think it is always about local - you need local support, local numbers, and if it is OTT or single location local network.

Then she asked me what questions to ask a cloud vendor. Here are 5 and one-half.

  1. How redundant are you - data center, switches, upstream?
  2. How many paying customers do you have?
  3. What are your biggest on-boarding issues?
  4. Do you have a specific set-up that works for you - phone brand, router model, configuration, etc. that makes the service work flawlessly?
  5. How is post-sales project management handled - site survey, LAN assessment, bandwidth check, router check?

And 5.5 - Google them!

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