Big Agent Win or Scam?

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Big Agent Win or Scam?

A couple of small ISP/CLEC companies received letters from Verizon Wholesale stating that VZ Wholesale is outsourcing their puny accounts to an agency, Alliance Wholesale Agents, LLC.

This would be huge win for any agency, since VZ waffles over the channel all the time.

However, this agency is a Dover, DE company formed in January with no website and some goofy VoIP phone numbers. It points to either a scam or VZ Wholesale, specifically Kathryn Kalajian,who signed the letter, didn't check to the agency out.

Another option the agency was formed by former VZ Wholesale employees who thought it was a get rich quick idea - and did everything on the cheap (like website, email, phones, etc.) This isn't a new idea, btw. More agencies have been started by phone company employees that you can imagine (not all of them successful).

Maybe the TCA should tell the AWA, LLC to get CTP certified!

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