What's the Deal with WebRTC?

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What's the Deal with WebRTC?

Day 3 at WebRTC Expo and for the most part everyone is still asking the monetization question. How will we monetize WebRTC? Well, you won't.

WebRTC is just a tool; it is a programming package like HTML5.

How do you monetize Scala? You make twitter with it.

How will you monetize WebRTC? It's a tool, a lot like how twitter is a tool for marketing.

At the Expo, one session mentioned that the telcos don't see webRTC as new revenue, it will be a tool used to retain revenue. Unfortunately, it will also be tied to IMS, according to Lucent's AT&T Labs. UGH!

Right now, the javascript programmers have a new sandbox to play in - HTML5 and WebRTC - to do a bunch of new stuff. It is early yet. This is like where SIP was in 2004.

Where can this really take shape? Smaller VoIP providers can scrap the IP Phone to instead offer softphones, apps and Chrome as SIP endpoints. What, you say, am I talking about? I was speaking with Voxbone at the show, both of them do not have a desk phone. The cell phone is the primary phone today. Tablets will be next. IP Phones are hardware. VoIP Providers are not in the hardware business, but they are. They should be in the software business -- VoIP, SIP, WebRTC, softphones, Bria apps. That is the future of VoIP. That is how a VoIP Provider gets the advantage today.

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