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Peter : On Rad's Radar?
| Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, Inc. talking telecom, Cloud, VoIP, CLEC, and The Channel.

Linky Links

Here are a bunch of stories that I just can't get to write about but are interesting.

Google has flip-flopped on Net Neutrality now that it is an ISP in 3 markets.

How peering arrangements mean that YouTube and Netflix will always buffer.

Verizon Launches Mobile Telehealth Clinics in Miami

Google released Chromecast to turn every TV into a smart TV. It went fast and ended up on eBay!

More original content (and hit series) are coming from places other than TV networks - like Netflix, Hulu and DirecTV. More reasons to cut the cable cord.

The IRS Employee Union doesn't want ObamaCare either. They have it too good on the government program (that we taxpayers pay for).

And 8x8 keeps strumming along. $30M in quarterly revenue now.

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