Should Hosted UC Providers Offer Network?

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Should Hosted UC Providers Offer Network?

Stage 2 just announced a Northeast build of an MPLS network. Telesphere has one too. West IP, too. Why do these Hosted UC companies need to offer network? For some, it is a way to handle Quality of Service, which is linked to customer satisfaction. However, it means that the provider now has to be a network operator as well. This means that their focus is split between providing and managing a nationwide network AND providing and managing a Hosted Unified Comms platform.

Funny thing, the UC providers with the most growth - RingCentral and 8x8 - don't worry about QoS. They worry about sales & marketing.

It isn't a coincidence that the Cloud Comm Alliance released an ebook on selling Hosted UC. They know that the tires meet the pavement in sales - and that many UC providers have yet to figure out (1) that they are a sales and marketing company, not a tech company; and (2) that if the sales machine isn't in place, they can't cash out.

Personally, I would have outsourced the MPLS network to any number of players (Netwolves, Global Capacity to name two) and focused exclusively on marketing and sales.

If you think that the hurdle to sales is the network, you aren't selling to the pain points or to outcomes.

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