Video is Going to be Big

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Video is Going to be Big

Cisco did a survey of young execs. They predict video will be big. You'll see.

"A global study announced today by Cisco revealed that the majority of these next-generation executives intend to depend heavily upon business-class video to connect with their teams, colleagues, suppliers, customers and prospects, as well as to help their businesses deliver new products and services."

"The 2013 Cisco Global Young Executives' Video Attitudes Survey gives insight into what management-track leaders aged 34 and under think about business-class video": "Three out of five young executives say they will rely more heavily on business-class video during the next five to 10 years." <-- in the next 5 years! And not use, so much as rely on.

Here are the challenges: not everyone is comfortable using video; execs can't multi-task during a video call; and most broadband just isn't up to the task of video conference calls.

It's that last one that will be a real bear to get around. Telcos aren't spending big money to improve broadband. Even cable modem service has limitations -- namely peering. What good is a broadband circuit with 15x5 speed test, but the peering pipe is restricted? Think about the buffering when watching Netflix or YouTube. Imagine that while on a video call because the broadband sucks. Oh, and while also pumping music out and all those cloud apps. Yeah. Sure.

And 34 year old execs will want to work from home, get dressed, attend a video conference (instead of a web conference), pay attention (without checking email and the Facebook), and not yawn while watching video artifacting or buffering.

The study did say in 5 years, so.....

I know.. they will have smartphones that do video conferencing flawlessly on their LTE/5G networks.

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