Broadsoft Alum Acquired by Fidelity

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Broadsoft Alum Acquired by Fidelity

Now that it is out there I can report that cloud-based video conferencing service, Vidtel, was acquired by Fidelity. Wainhouse, a research house for the telepresence industry, let the news out yesterday.

Vidtel, based in Sunnyvale, CA., was founded by former Broadsoft CMO, Scott Wharton, in 2008. Alex Doyle, another Broadsoft alum, was Vidtel's VP of Marketing.

Vidtel was a channel focused technology service provider. (I was working there this year on channel marketing). The Wainhouse report tells the story of how this startup took a different path from its bigger competitor, Blue Jeans, who was all about raising money. Vidtel was about raising revenue through strategic partnerships with ClaryIcon, InFocus, IntelePeer, Providea, ACT!, and others.

You know I like channel focused service providers, but even more I like a focused service provider. "Furthermore, the company avoided scope creep within its service offering." That is a key takeaway for other SP's or startups.

I agree with Wainhouse, 'We view this acquisition as a real-world example of how hard work, perseverance, and intelligence can really pay off."

Good luck to Scott, Dan, Dagan, Bruce and the rest of the staff at Vidtel on the next phase of the company's growth with Fidelity.

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