The M&A in the Clouds

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The M&A in the Clouds

Because so many companies are either flush with cash or have a heavy credit line, the acquisition activity has been robust.

Fist up, a merger of two cloud security companies: Total Defense Acquires iSheriff.

VMWare bought Desktone, a virtual desktop company who owns the Desktop as a Service trademark. This will be a nice add to VMware's own VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) initiative with vCloud, vSphere and Horizon View. Someday DaaS will be big in North America.

Kaseya acquired 365 Command to add management to Office 365. There are tools (like app management of SAAS) that are lacking for the VARs and MSPs. "This acquisition confirms the importance of reliable, easy to use cloud application management in today's IT environments."

There was a Forbes article this week about how UC or UCaaS. The author suggests that the predictions of 20+% CAGR for UC is laughable. "As encouraging as that is, no one, however, seems to be talking about the elephant in the living room when it comes to UC: a stunning lack of interoperability." Deployment and inter-op have been the walls around any of the as-a-service stuff.

Security, privacy, migration, deployment, inter-op, training, re-training, monitoring, management, and remote support are just some of the factors that the cloud still hasn't worked out. More M&A will happen until someone has a complete set of tools (or a craftsmen like toolbox) that makes these factors easier.


Montreal-based iWeb has been acquired for $145 million by Internap Network Services Corporation.

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