Telecom Tidbits Part 133

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Telecom Tidbits Part 133

Master Agency Telephony Partners has re-branded as Acuity Technologies. Why the re-brand? More than just the shift to cloud, the industry will be just one - IT and telecom - "a comprehensive technology infrastructure company that can provide solutions covering the entire spectrum of technology." That's what Acuity CEO Josh Anderson is delivering and the name change is just a way to showcase that.

Panterra Networks will be unveiling a new data storage service at ITEXPO. More to come. They also have a Secure Mobile UC Client.

At a Tech Data partner event last night, I learned a few facts.

  • Last year, TD provided 700 webinars to 3755 partners and 1414 certificated were earned.
  • TD has a Solution Center to provide live demo in Clearwater, FL for partners!
  • TD is 40 years old in 2014 with $26.5 Billion in global revenue - only half in the US.

Equiinet and Ubiquita mereged. "Effective immediately, the consolidated entity will take the Equiinet name. The newly combined Equiinet will continue to provide VoIP, unified threat management, connectivity failover, URL filtering and feature-rich communication services to the business and education communities in North America and Europe." [PR]

ArrowS3 selected to power its Hosted Unified Communications Suite that it launched under the brand SynapS3 ucCloud. ArrowS3 also offers Microsoft Lync, Office 365,

"Gartner recently predicted that one-in-four IaaS vendors will disappear by the end of the year, due to feverish competition," according to FierceCIO

OpenText buys GXS for $1 Billion in cash plus stock. Big deal in Enterprise Information Management (Big Data).

AT&T announced Drive Studio and Drive Platform to get ahead in the connected car market. The first wireless carrier facility dedicated to Connected Car opens in January. On a similar note, Sen. Franken is demanding answers from Ford about GPS Tracking and Credit Card Security.

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