Where Is the Money in IT

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Where Is the Money in IT

Forbes has a great chart that summarizes a survey of CIOs main issues in 2014. Mainly, it is a lack of skills/staff coupled with a fixed budget to handle an expansion of business and of responsibilities. The responsibilities being foisted on the CIO include BYOD, WLAN, security, Big Data, storage, and migration to cloud.

BYOD means supporting a myriad array of devices (laptops, tablets, phones) on a number of platforms (Win7, Win8, iOS, Android, Blackberry) across time zones. Oh, and accomplish that without a training budget or any additional headcount.

For years, the promise of the future depended heavily on the inter-exchange of data between various legacy systems in the organization. This hasn't changed. The migration to the cloud involves taking a data set in one form and moving it into another computer system and data form, securing, backing it up, and allowing it to inter-exchange with other systems and users (securely and in compliance). Big Issue - bigger than Big Data.

The whole point of API's was to make applications talk to each other, but having an API doesn't necessary mean that the apps will talk to each other as needed or in a meaningful way. Just one more reason developers are in short supply.

If you can help alleviate any staffing problems or support issues for an Enterprise, then you have a prospect.

It may seem that the CIO list is buzz term heavy, but these issues became buzz terms because the problem is so far-reaching. Solve them to make money.

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