Elements of a Kick @ss Team

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Elements of a Kick @ss Team

Tommy Norman is a scrum master, who leads the Agile User group in Nashville when he isn't doing dev work for Holland Square Group. His keynote at FISPA Live in Nashvile was about Building Kick Ass Teams. Here are the 7 essential elements to a kick ass team.


The top qualities of a team include: Trust; no egos and complimentary skill sets. But playing together helps to build a team. And underlying it all is an unified purpose.

When I looked at those elements, I was thinking that Culture plays a role in team building. At the core of culture is an unified purpose or vision. The company knows what its mission is and why everyone is toiling away. When building a company or department or team, you need to know the culture, so that you don't hire someone who breaks it.

Great teams keep an eye on the aligned vision to deliver quality results in a self-sufficient manner. That's 4 pieces: self-sufficient; results; quality; and vision. I know it sounds like a game of buzzwords, but no matter what cake you bake, there are similar ingredients (flour, butter, eggs).

Norman explained that when you are hiring Don't rely on HR and have 3 skill levels in the requirements (Basic, Optimum, Uber). Maybe someone with basic skills will fit the culture better than the ego with the Uber skill set.

In hiring, the interview process is important because it's your first hand look at the candidate. Put them through the ropes. Ask questions that HR won't. Get the candidate in front of team members. And remember that the candidate is also Interviewing you!!! (Many people miss this point. If the candidate isn't interviewing you, maybe he has no other choices.)

"Look Beyond the Normal"

Teams work best in an environment of Autonomy, challenges, purpose, improvement, in a space with lots of white boards! Think about it. Give the team the goal and let them rise to the challenge by themselves with the reward in mind. (Reward as a Team!)

There were quite a few nuggets from Tommy Norman's keynote. Just wanted to say thanks again to him for speaking.

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