The Wearable Tech Futures

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The Wearable Tech Futures

Amid all the noise about the growing Internet of Things market comes the announcement that Nike is disbanding its FuelBand team.

Nike and Adidas were at the Wearable Tech Expo / FAST in December. To see this announcement, speculation would be that wearable tech is not promising. I don't think that is it. I think Nike is pivoting on what it is doing with FuelBand. Some speculation is that Nike is working with Apple on iWatch. Other speculation is that the next iPhone will have all of the FuelBand capabilities built in.

I look at the wearable tech industry right now as early stage. It's gadget and fitness buffs who, according to what I have heard, only use these gadgets for a short while. Think about that. Early Adapters and Short Use - that's probably data that Nike has.

I personally don't have a FuelBand, UP or Fitbit because I am not a fitness nut nor a calorie counter and I have no idea what to do with any of the data that would be produced by the devices. The key is making that data more relevant.

I wouldn't mind knowing my sleep cycles if I could correlate that with other activities to figure out how to get better 7 hour sleep nights. But I think results like that are a ways off yet. But when we get to that point, it will move the sector closer to mass adoption. Don't you agree?


Maybe Nike is getting out because AT&T is getting in to wearables. See here.

"The company has a group working in Austin, Texas, on thousands of wearable-device prototypes, and is also looking at certifying third-party devices for use on its network, said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices at AT&T."

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