M&A Merger Rumors Abound

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M&A Merger Rumors Abound

Sprint is getting set to offer a bid to buy T-Mobile, which is funny since the FCC already told Softbank Sprint that they would say no. But on the heals of the Comcast-TWC deal (that now involves Charter getting some TWC leftovers), Sprint thinks that it will be okay.

Then there is the AT&T buying DirecTV rumor. Never hear the rumor about DISH being bought, huh? It would seem that all of DISH's moves in wireless - the spectrum acquisition, the trials, the tribulations, Artemis, etc. - don't make it a good fit for anyone, even though DISH has the Hopper, a great DVR, and Slingbox.

On the content side, Netflix is paying Verizon FiOS for access as it did to Comcast. That means it will have to pay the Top 20 ISPs. Rates will have to go up. On the up side, three smaller cablecos - Atlantic Broadband, RCN and Grande - are dealing with Netflix to carry the service. (Details here) Interesting.

Why wouldn't Netflix go to smaller hotel chains (like Days Inn, say) to offer Netflix in place of VOD systems? On a similar note, VZ FiOS has a deal with Redbox for VOD (video-on-demand). AT&T and Chernin couldn't buy Hulu so they put a $500 million investment in a to-be-launched VOD and streaming video service. If you have a Roku, you know that there are literally a hundred channels now for VOD and streaming video services. How much room is there in this space for profitability?

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