The Net Neutrality Debacle

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The Net Neutrality Debacle

Many people have asked me about this. I don't have a rant about the FCC's Net Neutrality decision. We got screwed but I can't get worked up about it because that is what I expect to happen in DC these days.

No matter what ruling - McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission or USA v. Cindy Lee Westhoven - or what law or even when they are found breaking the law with unlawful intercepts and trampling the US Constitution (now a guideline I suppose), it's business as usual in the US. We are exporting Democracy and aid to the less fortunate, but no here at home!

But I digress. Back to Net Neutrality.

I have repeatedly said that our current economy is based on service and the Internet.

Jobs are created by small business not the Fortune 5000 or the Global 500.

When you put a toll road on the Internet where bigger companies can pay for better access, the age of the Internet and the dawning of the Age of Innovation are just about over.

Once again I say save the $359,299,000 and close the FCC. (If a former Monsanto policy VP is going to run the FDA, let's close that too. And the federal Dept. of Education is a waste of paper.)

For the moment I am beaten down by politics and DC and the voting public (for being so lazy), so I can't get riled up about NN. Yet VCs - yes the money men - like Fred Wilson clearly understand how tossing out Net Neutrality will have a far reaching impact as he explains in two blog posts - here and here.

"But that period of "permissionless innovation" is likely to come to an end soon if we all let it. The FCC has responded to a court ruling by proposing a convoluted set of rules that will allow fast lanes, slow lanes, and what's even worse, no lanes. The FCC's proposal will allow the telcos and cable companies that provide the last mile connection to your home or office to prioritize some bits over others. That's how they create the fast lane and the slow lane. It also allows discrimination in which they can decide not to allow your bits through at all, creating a "no lane"."

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