An Exchange Alternative with UC

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An Exchange Alternative with UC

Icewarp: I have seen them around (since 2001) but didn't really know what they did. I spoke with them at the WebRTC Expo in Atlanta. Icewarp is a replacement for Microsoft Exchange server. (All those Microsoft partners who still want to make money selling Exchange, hello!)

This is a premise based system although a few ISP's have used Icewarp to sell to its customers. The server has 3 parts - email, VoIP and IM servers all in one. They like to talk features at Icewarp:

The Cisco UCS integration with IceWarp Directory Service is designed to make management simple. "It works the very same way as ActiveDirectory synchronization does. After binding the domain with a specific Cisco BE3000 device, the accounts from BE3000 are periodically synchronized into IceWarp Server. As a result, each BE3000 user has immediatelly his/her own account created in IceWarp Server with the same credentials for email, webmail, groupware, instant messaging, voice and mobile access." [source]

Icewarp was calling itself Unified Communications in 2010, when Tom Keating reviewed it.

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