More Verizon Netflix Buffering

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More Verizon Netflix Buffering

On Verizon's public policy blog, there is a response to the Netflix buffering issue - sort of. It's kind of funny. "Verizon received an email from a customer in Los Angeles asking why he was not getting a good experience watching Netflix on his 75 Mbps FiOS connection." So you sold a customer a 75MB broadband circuit -- something that they would NEVER fully utilize. And then they can't get a 3MB video stream. Makes no sense to the guy paying $90 per month for it.

Then VZ engineers checked utilization on every piece of the VZ network and found no congestion. The congestion was at the Inter-Connection (transit and Peering Points). Thanks for pointing this out. This gives the FCC all the reason it needs to regulate inter-connection like Level3 wants.

What's more is that both L3 and Cogent have been complaining for months (years?) about the congested inter-connection points with VZ. To the point that rumor has it both companies offered to buy the equipment and install it themselves, but VZ refused. So who is responsible for the congestion?

"We're Not Satisfied Until Our Customers Are" <- Ironic, because you signed the deal to have Netflix buy transit from you at the end of April. Once you were going to get paid, you offer to fix it. What a crock! That's why we need real competition for broadband in the US - not this pseudo Duopoly we have currently, where instead of competing with Comcast, VZ co-markets Comcast.

It isn't just VZ either. My own cable modem buffers Netflix, less lately, maybe a deal was struck. When you pay over $50 per month for 15x5 or 7x2 or whatever and you can't watch one unbuffered video stream, you have to ask what you are paying for. Do you buy a car but it can only be used to go to certain stores? It gives a glimpse into what Fixed LTE will be like for many in rural America. Buffer buffer buffer - oops so sorry, but we're not satisfied.

I need some buffer-in

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