3 VoIP Studies to Skim

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3 VoIP Studies to Skim

I like the responses when you survey your Everyday Jack and Jill. In this Survey: What Do People Really Know About VoIP? 'It may seem that what the average consumer knows and doesn't know about VoIP isn't very relevant to the technology's business uses." Despite over 10 years of "marketing" VoIP, "nearly 71 percent of the people we surveyed couldn't define what VoIP was without contextual cues." Awesome!

What do consumers worry about? No dial-tone without power; call quality; and specialized equipment. All those 1000 Hosted VoIP providers need to address these 3 big button items.

Also, address the key system emulation with shared line appearance too -- by selling them a box! Hosted PBX is meant to change the way a business does business. if not, why bother?

More predictions. Wait VoIP is increasing? Really? Who would have thought that? Well, everyone in the industry, but no one outside it. Infonetics: Hosted VoIP, UC Market to Reach $12 Billion in 2018. "Hosted services seats grew more than 20 percent worldwide in 2013," Diane Myers, Infonetics' principal analyst for VoIP, UC and IMS, was quoted in a press release.

A new study by RC examines the Total Economic Impact of adopting cloud phone systems makes for good PR but it seems far fetched, especially the projected savings over premise PBX systems as well as Salesforce integration costs. However, "Making employees more accessible to customers increased the average revenue per customer-facing employee by 4%, providing more than $5.3 million in increased revenue, and a total of $683,681 increased profit over three years." It doesn't touch on the Blinking Light Syndrome affecting the business changes that must occur for a business to see these (and other) benefits.

While we are discussing VoIP, 8x8 had some good results to report for 1Q2015.

"Total revenue for the quarter increased 30% year-over-year to a record $37.9 million. Channel and mid-market sales increased 94% year-over-year, representing 44% of new monthly recurring revenue sold in the quarter. Average monthly service revenue per business customer was $293, up 11% compared with $263 in the same period last year."

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